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Do you want to dance and need to find the perfect dance partner or partneress? We have the solution for you. Search for your dance partner on Lets-Dance, create your own attractive dance profile, and get in touch with your potential dance partner.
High diversity thanks to thousands of dance profiles
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How to find your dance partner or dance course on Lets-Dance

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  • Register with Lets-Dance
  • Create a dance profile
  • Search for a suitable dance partner
  • Contact dance partner

Dance school search

  • Register with Lets-Dance
  • Create a dance profile
  • Search for a suitable dance school
  • Find the perfect dance course
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About the Lets-Dance dance partner exchange

Many years ago, we discovered our passion and love for dancing. We faced the challenge ourselves that there wasn't a suitable dance partner for every dancer in our first salsa dance course. From this situation, the idea for Lets-Dance was born – to develop a portal for EVERYONE who loves dancing. Today, Lets-Dance has become a dance partner search that has evolved into one of the largest digital platforms for all enthusiastic dancers.

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Contemporary dance, also known as modern dance, is a dance form that emerged in the mid-20th century. It is a blend of various dance styles, including classical ballet, modern dance, and jazz. This da...
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