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Our Mission and Vision

Lets-Dance is one of the largest and fastest-growing premium dance portals in the German-speaking region. Our mission is to connect at least 100,000 users through our innovative platform to find a suitable dance partner within the next 5 years. We follow a holistic and unique approach in the development of Lets-Dance: integrating a dance partner search and a dance course booking system in one portal. Our focus on high-quality design and innovative features ensures the best possible success and experiences for our users, setting us apart in the market.

Our Values

Passion: Dancing and music embody pure passion and joy of life for us. We and our users love and live dancing because it brings extreme fun, joy, and happiness.
Trust: Trust is a basic requirement for any relationship. Our users should trust us, so we always communicate honestly and transparently. We stand for this, and we will continue to stand for it in the future.
Innovation: Lets-Dance is innovative at all times. There is no standstill with us! We are constantly looking for new and innovative ideas for our portal, always with the goal of providing our users with the best dance experiences.
Diversity: No matter what dance you like, where you come from, or how old you are! Lets-Dance stands for diversity and is a portal for all people who love dancing and enjoy dancing!
Harmony: Partner dancing requires harmony. Harmony creates trust, in familiarity, we can open up, live out our passion, have fun, and dance. Therefore, a harmonious togetherness is very important to us, both within the team and with our users.

The Lets-Dance Team

CEO Kevin Kis
Kevin Kis
Founder and CEO of Lets-Dance, Focus Web Development Kevin is the heart and mind behind Lets-Dance. Over many years, he meticulously built and developed the portal, leveraging his extensive experience as a programmer and web developer. In his free time, Kevin is a passionate salsa dancer, frequently showcasing his dance moves in the best salsa clubs worldwide.
CEO Marcus Jost
Marcus Jost
CO-CEO of Lets-Dance, Focus Marketing and Customer Support Marcus joined Lets-Dance in early 2020 and supports Kevin, particularly in marketing and customer support. As a project manager, Marcus is responsible for coordinating all development and business processes. Marcus is also an avid salsa dancer who discovered his love for dancing in the salsa clubs of Los Angeles, Medellin, and Bogota.
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